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About Us

About Us

ADVENT PRESTIGE CARE is a mental health therapy and relationship counseling organization committed to bringing health, wellness and happiness in the society. 

ADVENT PRESTIGE CARE utilizes a holistic approach to your health by providing a wide range of therapies that are tailored to help you your path to healing and recovery. We specialize in group therapy, individual therapy, family and couple therapy and Christian counseling. We also provide counseling and coaching services that are dedicated to helping you grow and achieve the various challenges in your life. Our family and relationship consultation services are aimed to strengthen your bond of relationship with family, relatives and community members.

At ADVENT PRESTIGE CARE, we understand the complex and vast world of mind, psychology and philosophy and provide the exact solutions to our customers according to their needs and concerning problems. We understand that everyone’s path to wellness looks differently as everyone heals in their own different way. We believe that everyone who travels down the road of wellness from emotional, behavioral and psychological challenges must be treated with respect, care and empathy.

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